West Corner Diner, Manchester






Laser Cutting,
CNC Folding

ByStar fibre 3015
Xpert 150


12mm Mild Steel

Award winning laser cutting

With its redbrick facades & external metal fire escapes, Manchester’s Northern Quarter (NQ) has long been an alternative NYC film location. Located in a Conservation Area & on a prominent West Corner of Stevenson’s Square, the subject site had become dilapidated & lost many of its original features. The brief was to reactivate the corner & deliver an authentic NYC Style neighborhood Diner & Takeaway to serve locals from early until late. Cutting Edge Laser Ltd were commissioned to cut the intricate column facades, work that eventually lead to the project winning the of Best International Fit-out 2017.

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Services used

CNC Folding

CNC Folding

Our Bystronic Xpert 150 press brake enables us to easily bend materials up to 20mm thick. With an extensive range of on-site press brake tooling, we can laser cut and fold your components seamlessly.
Laser Cutting Image

Laser Cutting

We ensure maximum production from our industry-proven Bystronic fiber lasers by operating them round the clock, 24 hours a day.

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